Call Center Outsourcing
Inbound: Providing support to organizations for their inbound calling traffic enhances their budget significantly, improving their organizational performance manifold as resources are more appropriately utilized.

Outbound: Sharpening the focus on the need for market awareness of your services / products may have never been easier.
Forrester predicts that by the year 2015, about 3.3 million US services industry jobs and $136 billion in wages will move offshore.

Gartner estimates that the worldwide market for business process outsourcing grew from US$115 billion in 2000 to US$124 billion in 2001, and will expand to US$178.5 billion in 2005.

EDS, meanwhile, forecasts that the BPO market will grow at an annual clip of nine percent to 11 percent through 2007.

Mckinsey and Company By 2008, global remote-service operations may undertake activities accounting for half a trillion dollars around the world and representing every element of the value chain. Such operations could generate cost and other savings of about $400 billion, to be shared by the users and the providers as profits.

Deloitte study discovers 7% of Global Financial Institutions plan to outsource offshore.

It has been found that medium to large sized corporations employing about 5000 employees can get a cost benefit of $9.7 Mn - $18.4 Mn per annum by outsourcing their back offices departments. The saving can vary from 35.8% to 50.7% of the total operations cost.
This saving is accrued because of
a. saving in cost due to reduced in-house back-office staff and
b. better SLA deliverables because of outsourcing

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